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IRC Client Daemon: 3.0.0
New version incoming
Added by David Demelier 20 days ago

IRC Client Daemon: 2.2.0
New release 2.2.0
Added by David Demelier 8 months ago

IRC Client Daemon: 2.1.3
New release 2.1.3
Added by David Demelier 10 months ago

IRC Client Daemon: 2.1.2
New release 2.1.2
Added by David Demelier 11 months ago

IRC Client Daemon: 2.1.1
New release 2.1.1
Added by David Demelier about 1 year ago

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Latest projects

  • Kimo (02/09/2018 04:12 PM)

    Kitchen Memo

  • Embed (12/18/2016 03:22 PM)

    Embeddable libraries.

  • Malikania (03/19/2016 05:53 PM)

    Malikania is a free and opensource 2d MMORPG engine written in C++14.

  • NSnake (12/01/2015 04:09 PM)

    A snake game for your terminal.

  • Common code (09/30/2013 10:14 AM)

    This project focuses on reusable C++ code for any projects. Almost each of the modules are independant.