This is the official Malikania's project centre.

Malikania projects are usually focusing on elegance, simplicity, consistency and following the KISS principle. All projects are self-hosted using the high-quality, simple but yet powerful Mercurial SCM.

If you arrived here by mistake, take a look at the general infrastructure wiki.

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Registration will be enabled again once someoneĀ© is able to provide a captcha plugin for Redmine.

Latest news

irccd: 3.1.0
New release: 3.1.0
Added by David Demelier 3 months ago

irccd: Removing BitBucket official mirror
Added by David Demelier about 1 year ago

irccd: 3.0.0
New release 3.0.0
Added by David Demelier about 1 year ago

irccd: 3.0.0 date
Added by David Demelier over 1 year ago

irccd: Mercurial repository edition
Added by David Demelier almost 2 years ago

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