This is the official Malikania's project centre. Lots of projects are served here.

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irccd: Mercurial repository edition
Added by David Demelier about 1 month ago

irccd: System specific features
About UID, GID, daemon and PID options
Added by David Demelier 5 months ago

irccd: 3.0.0
New version incoming
Added by David Demelier 8 months ago

irccd: 2.2.0
New release 2.2.0
Added by David Demelier about 1 year ago

irccd: 2.1.3
New release 2.1.3
Added by David Demelier over 1 year ago

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Latest projects

  • paster (05/29/2018 04:39 PM)

    Simple paste service in C++.

  • infrastructure (05/23/2018 11:38 AM)

    Project related to Malikania infrastructure.

  • marker (03/07/2018 01:23 PM)

    Marker is a very simple markdown tool.

  • embed (12/18/2016 03:22 PM)

    Embeddable libraries.

  • malikania (03/19/2016 05:53 PM)

    Malikania is a free and opensource 2D MMORPG library written in C++17 and SDL 2.