Future of irccd

Plans for the next releases
Added by David Demelier over 5 years ago

The future of irccd

The last two months were a bit forgotten regarding irccd's development. I may say that the current irccd 1.1.4 is already nice but it still lacks some features that are addressed in the next release irccd 1.2. However, I plan several major changes in the far future.

Irccd 2.0

Irccd 2.0 will use ECMAScript for developing plugins. The reason behind this major change is simple. I just do not like the Lua authors decisions in Lua's development. I want irccd to be future proof, to make plugins compatible in a long term way and with Lua, each release may completely break existing plugins.

Of course, one may arg "just stick with one precise version of Lua and never change", it is viable; but it also mean that in the next years, users will not be able to get new features from Lua and even worse, if any possible Lua bug is present in the selected version, there is no chance to get it fixed.

That's why irccd 2.0 will switch to ECMAScript, the current implementation selected is duktape. It is great, very small, very well documented and the author is nice and pleasant. Irccd 2.0 will completely remove Lua support but the API will be as much as possible close to the original Lua API.

Irccd 2.0 is planned for december 2015.

Irccd 1.2

Irccd 1.2, currently planned january 2015 and will be the last version with Lua support enabled. This version will have a long term support which will end in january 2016. The current features that are already implemented:

More are shown in the version 1.2 page