There will be no 1.2

Efforts are put on 2.0 instead.
Added by David Demelier about 5 years ago

It was not an easy decision to take, but the planned version 1.2 will never be released.

Irccd 1.2 was planned since lot of months for February, but it was absolutely not ready to be released.

Features requested not tested

I've been asked to add some features that were hard to test for me and those people never tested it. Because I don't like to release something that I can't test I removed those features which required to change lot of things internally.

Request feature and do not providing feedback is terribly frustrating, I encourage you to never do that for any project.


The irccd internal architecture is a bit complex and has many threads. It was also hard for me to debug some problems that appears on my local machine.

The next major irccd version will bring a better architecture with much less threads and much more unit tests.


The documentation has been ported locally as explained in several announcement, but it still requires massive re-reading and some cosmetic changes which will take too much time to respect the deadline.

Don't worry, irccd 1.1.5 is still available and irccd 2.0 will be so much better that it's worth waiting for it :-).