Irccd 3.0 will be written in Java

Added by David Demelier over 6 years ago


It's been a long time I was thinking about leaving C++. The problem with C++ is that it's a language from the past. It's important nowadays to move towards new technologies such as Node.js, Java 8, Rust and such.

All these new technologies facilitate deployment, collaboration and evolving features.

There are much more people who know these languages than C++. I've written C++ for several years and now I think I should just jump on something else to improve my skills.

Why Java?

I know Java very well as it was one of my preferred language at school and in my internships.

Java is performant, easy, convenient and portable. With Java, no problems: write once, run everywhere.

I already checked the IRC library and there is a good one called PircBot which is also opensource.


I think irccd 3.0 will not be released after at least seven years. Probably in 2023. Irccd consists of somewhat 18000 lines of code at this time. However as Java require less code, the port won't be so difficult.


Added by David Delassus over 6 years ago

Why not Brainfuck?

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Unfortunately I'm not sure brainfuck has network facilities.