3.0.0 date

Added by David Demelier over 3 years ago

I've posted a news 8 months ago saying that 3.0.0 will come soon.

I apologize this didn't happen. It will, I take more time to improve any last bit to make this release as clean and perfect as possible. The hardest part is the C++ API, since 3.0.0 will include an official C++ API for developing plugins, I will need to take care of this compatibility during the 3.y.z lifetime.

And since I hate to keep bad details, I'm still reading and checking every single function that I could write in a more cleaner way to avoid cluttering the API with deprecated functions/types after 3.0.0 will be released. I also take the consistency very seriously. For example the term "host" and "hostname" were mixed in a very large amount of code. Some options were named "host" and some "hostname". I've fixed all that in 3.0.0 but I want to be sure all other things in C++ API, Javascript API, options, plugins, network API, irccdctl output will be absolutely perfect once 3.0.0 is released.

Unfortunately as the only one contributor and not having many feedbacks, I don't always see all these small typos or errors and need more time to improve irccd.

Anyway, irccd 3.0.0 will happen this year and I really want it to be a long term release with the best user experience.