Added by David Demelier about 2 years ago

With a very strong sad decision, I'm announcing the immediate stop of Vanilla Linux distribution.

While this project has ambitious goals, it is too hard and different taking too much time to achieve a decent stable version. Large amounts of packages require dozens and dozens of patches because upstream developers usually think Linux = GCC/glibc. Also, the lack of individual interest and absence of contributions also have impacts on the development.

This project was very interesting and still proves that LLVM/clang is a interesting alternative but in my opinion we will be unable to deliver a Linux distribution based on it by default in a decent amount of time.

For those who were interested in the distribution and gave lot of feedback, I'd like to thank them a lot!

Note: the redmine project will be deleted starting from March, 01 (as the first announcement, mostly). Mercurial repositories remain indefinitely but will be hidden in the home listing.