irccd: 1.1

Added by David Demelier over 8 years ago

We are very glad to announce the availability of the 1.1 release. After more than 5 months of work, it is finally here.
This new version brings a lot of new features that makes irccd even more fun than before.


The Lua API is one of the most evolved feature in this release.

New thread API

Irccd has always worked with events. It was not possible to create plugins writing or processing something
by themselves without events. With the new thread API, it is possible to create almost everything you
want without any event.

Unfortunately, there is no standard ways to pass data between multiple Lua states so a related
pipe API has been added.

These new API have been added through:

New filesystem and system API

For a while, irccd.util library was a big library with miscellaneous functions. Now the library has been cleaned up. Some function have
been deprecated and others have been moved through brand new packages:

Socket API

If needed, irccd can now speak low level sockets. This can be used to send raw message to standard protocols
such as SMTP, HTTP and such. It's has been designed on top of the socket source code and it tries to be as close
as possible to the C interface.

The socket API also adds a listener object that is a wrapper of the select(2) system call and socket address
management for convenience.

This API has been added through:

Irccd improvements

Server reconnection

Irccd can now try to reconnect to a server when the connection has been closed. It is enabled by default and retry
to connect every 30 seconds indefinitely. However, irccd may not detect if the server dies and does not try reconnect. For this
issue, an irccdctl command has been added to force a server reconnection.

The new command is irccdctl restart.

On the fly connecting

It is now possible to connect to a new server while irccd is running. The irccdctl utility has a new command called connect
for that feature.

A new Lua function also has been added through irccd.server.connect.

Of course, an irccdctl command has been added to disconnect from a server.

Text formatting

A new function irccd.util.format has been added to format message with colors and optional attributes. This is
added as a convenience, to avoid the heavy usage of escape sequences.

Please notice that not all servers support that.

New plugin Auth

The new plugin Auth can be used to authenticate automatically irccd to services such as
nickserv and Q from quakenet.

New plugin Date

A very light Date plugin has been added to show the current operating system date.

Breaks and deprecations

Irccd 1.1 has deprecated some functions. The major changes are the Server:whois
and Server:names functions

See the migration guide for details.

Miscellaneous changes

  • (Windows only) the irccd home directory is now the parent directory of irccd.exe.
  • Function onMe is finally working.
  • The library libircclient is now part of irccd and no longer a requirement.
  • LuaJIT can be selected as an alternative to Lua 5.2

irccd: 1.0.2

Added by David Demelier almost 9 years ago

The version 1.0.2 has been released. This is an errata release.

  • The event onMe is not currently available.

irccd: 1.0.1

Added by David Demelier about 9 years ago

Irccd 1.0.1 has been released on September 17, 2013.

Various issues has been fixed:

  • Fixed build without Lua,
  • Improved documentation a lot,
  • Improved NSIS installer,
  • Fixed basename() issue.

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