The devkit project consists of several individual documentation files to explain how to build most of libraries we require in our applications.

All libraries are built as shared. In contrast to many package managers, devkit does not build as much as features and only keep what we needs. For example libsdl-image is only built with PNG support.


The following libraries are supported

Library Priority Description Website How-To
libboost High Boost libraries
libfreetype Medium Font management
libogg Medium Opensource video/audio container
libpng Medium PNG image file
libsdl High Simple Directmedia Layer
libsdl-image High Image addon for SDL2
libsdl-mixer High Music addon for SDL2
libsdl-ttf High Font addon for SDL2
libvorbis Medium Opensource audio stream
libz Medium Compression library


Why not vcpkg?

I did a try with it and I was not able to build some of the required packages. Also, I don't really like the black magic that vcpkg does. I want to have full control of what I'm building with as less dependencies possible.

About MinGW?

I recommend using MSYS2 which does a perfect job maintaining a high number of packages with mintty.

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