Irccd is an extremly fast C++ and Javascript IRC bot.

  • Use Javascript plugins to catch IRC events
  • Support multiple servers
  • Support multiple identities
  • Can be controled by sockets
  • Run on Linux, Windows and *BSD
  • Well documented
  • Clean and powerful Javascript API
  • Very fast and light

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Manager: David Demelier

Developer: David Demelier

Reporter: David Demelier

Latest news

Mercurial repository edition
Added by David Demelier 9 days ago

System specific features (2 comments)
About UID, GID, daemon and PID options
Added by David Demelier 4 months ago

New version incoming
Added by David Demelier 7 months ago

New release 2.2.0
Added by David Demelier about 1 year ago

New release 2.1.3
Added by David Demelier over 1 year ago

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