Errata 20190609

Topic: incorrect documentation of Irccd.System.usleep
Category: libirccd-js
Corrected: 3.0.2 (or revision r897)
Affected versions: since 3.0.0
Task: #2262


The Javascript Irccd.System.usleep is a function to suspend the current thread.


The documentation stated that the function will wait for a specific number of milliseconds while the actual implementation suspend for microseconds. As the function name suggests, the u stands for micro therefore the function is right but not its documentation, thus this errata.


Upgrade to a newer version if applicable or apply one of the following fixes:

Using Mercurial

If you don't have a local copy:

hg clone -u release-3.0

If you already have a local copy:

cd /path/to/irccd
hg pull
hg up release-3.0

And install new version of irccd.

Using patch

Download the following patch:

Apply it:

cd /path/to/irccd/
patch -p1 < /path/to/20190609.patch

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