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David Demelier, 01/08/2019 10:08 AM

Idea: RPC

  • Impact : plugins and irccdctl
  • Status : draft
  • Target version : 3.1.0


Irccd plugins are currently fully standalone and can not interact with each other. Also, user is not able to control a plugin except by doing reload.


The purpose of this project is to add a functionality in plugins to be able for the user to execute special commands.

Example: a hangman plugin is running, user wants to specify an explicit word for the next game. It can call irccdctl to set the next word.

Proposed irccdctl usage

$ irccdctl plugin-exec plugin command arg1 arg2 arg3 ... argn

For hangman:

$ irccdctl plugin-exec hangman set-next-word "joke" 

Proposed network command

    "command": "plugin-exec",
    "plugin": "hangman" 
    "function": "set-next-word" 
    "args": [ "joke" ]

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