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David Demelier, 02/13/2017 01:00 PM


An errata has to be written when a bug is found in a release.

Create a task

Create a task with Bug as tracker, mark it as Urgent and specify the current release branch in the custom field.

Write the fix

Update to the current release branch:

$ hg up release-x.y

Write a unique revision and use the following commit template.


h1. Errata YYYYMMDD

*Category*: As specified in tasks
*Corrected*: [[Version-x-y-z|x.y.z]] (or revision r???)
*Affected versions*: [[Version-x-y-z|x.y.z]]
*Task*: #???

h1. Background

Short explanation about the feature/context.

h1. Problem

Short description about the problem.

h1. Solution

Upgrade to a newer version if applicable or apply one of the following fixes:

h2. Using Mercurial

If you don't have a local copy:

hg clone -u release-x.y

If you already have a local copy:

cd /path/to/irccd
hg pull
hg up release-x.y

And install new version of irccd.

h2. Using patch

Download the following patch:


Apply it:

cd /path/to/irccd/
patch -p1 < /path/to/YYYYMMDD.patch

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