Merge from default

Development of new features always start in the default branch. When a feature is closed, a MFD date is associated with a redmine issue. When this date expires, the revision must be merge into the current stable-x branch.

Grouping issues

Go to the issues page and do the following:

  1. Expand the filter options
  2. Move MFD after and MFD revision columns to the right
  3. Select MFD revision in the group by combobox

Merging revisions

Update to current stable the branch, example:

$ hg up stable-2

Merge the highest revision number from the list if the date expired.

$ hg merge -r 425

Commit a message with all associated revisions in the following form:

$ hg ci -m "misc: MFD for #123, #124, #125" 
$ hg push

Then change the Resolved status to Closed.

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