Writing new plugin

This procedure let you bundle a new plugin within irccd.

1. Create the plugin directory in plugins/plugin-name.

2. Write the plugin JavaScript file

The plugin file must be named exactly the same as the directory name plus the .js suffix.


  • plugins/myplugin/myplugin.js

3. Fill the plugin information.

The plugin must have the info table set, see other plugins for example.

info = {
    author: "Firstname Lastname <email>",
    license: "Your license",
    summary: "Short summary without period",
    version: "The version" 

If the plugin is intended to be bundled with irccd, license must be set to ISC and the version to IRCCD_VERSION.

3. Write the documentation file

Just like the JavaScript file, it must be named the same plus the .md suffix.


  • plugins/myplugin/

Document your plugin using markdown, see other plugins and try to be as close as possible.

4. Update cmake/IrccdVersion.cmake

Add the canonical plugin name to the IRCCD_PLUGINS variable, that's it.

Note: please keep the variable ordered.

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