irccd 1.1 (January 30, 2014)

  • Added support for UDP sockets,
  • Added a plugin for authentication,
  • Windows irccd's home is now the irccd.exe parent directory,
  • Added new socket API for Lua,
  • Added new thread API for Lua,
  • Added support for server reconnection,
  • Added support for text formatting with colors and attributes,
  • Added support for onMe (CTCP Action) event,
  • Added new way to load plugin by paths,
  • Server:whois and server:names generate a new events instead of callback,
  • Support of connecting and disconnecting at runtime,
  • Plugin has more information, getHome() and getName() are deprecated,
  • Split irccd.util into irccd.fs and irccd.system,
  • Added support for LuaJIT.

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