Version 3.0.0 (August 15, 2019)

This is a major release.


  • New sections [paths] and [paths.plugin] have been added to control standard paths for both irccd and plugins (#611),
  • Irccd no longer supports uid, gid, pid and daemon features (#846),
  • Sections [identity] and [server] have been merged (#905),
  • Local transports support SSL (#939),
  • The origin in rule is now first class value (#947),
  • New option ipv4 in [transport] (#945),
  • New option ipv4 in [server] (#945),
  • Section [format] is renamed to [templates] (#1671),
  • New commands are available as irccd arguments info and version (#1672).


  • New option ipv4 in [connect] (#945),
  • New option -o in rule-add (#947),
  • New option -o and -O in rule-edit (#947).


  • A brand new irccd-test program has been added to tests plugins on the command line (#569).


  • CMake no longer create a fake installation directory while building (#674),
  • All targets are placed into the bin directory while building (#715).

network API:

  • Network commands return an error code instead of a string (#739).

javascript API:

  • The Irccd.Timer API now runs on top of Boost.Asio and no longer have custom buggy code (#595),
  • New Irccd.Server.isSelf function (#735).


  • The code is now based on Boost for many internal parts of the core, (#593), (#594), (#595), (#681), (#697),
  • The libircclient has been replaced by a simple homemade library (#581).


  • The documentation is in pure manual pages now (#1674),
  • All command line options are now in short form only (#1673).


  • Introduce brand new joke plugin (#609),
  • Introduce brand new tictactoe plugin (#393),
  • Introduce brand new links plugin (#872).

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