Version 4.0.0

This is a major release. See file for more information.

The key highlight for this release is the rewrite from C++ to C. The only
runtime dependency required is OpenSSL (if built with SSL support).


  • Irccd keeps track of nicknames in channels by capturing join/part/kick and
    mode changes. It is now more convenient from the plugins to quickly inspect if
    someone is present on a channel.
  • It is now possible to change uid/gid of the transport socket file. The file is
    also created with permissions 664.
  • A new paths command has been added to show default paths.


  • Commands plugin-reload and plugin-unload can be invoked without arguments.
  • New plugin-template and plugin-path command which are synonyms of
    plugin-config but for templates and paths respectively.


  • tictactoe: now has a timeout in case of inactivity.


  • Split irccd-api manual page into individual irccd-api-<module> for a better
  • New irccd.conf and irccdctl.conf syntax.

network API

- Network protocol uses plain text again.
- Transport uses clear UNIX sockets only without passwords.

javascript API

- Brand new Irccd.Rule API to inspect and manage rules.
- Brand new Irccd.Hook API to inspect and manage hooks.

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