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Features (package options)

Common features in Vanilla packages.

  • Access control lists (ACL): enabled by default
  • Native language support (NLS): enabled by default
  • SELinux (SELINUX): disabled by default
  • PAM (PAM): enabled by default


  • 0.1 (May 1): Highlight: bootable system with core components
    • vpk: install with remote support [done]
    • vpk: remove [done]
    • vpk: update [done]
    • vpk: build [done]
    • vpk: list [done]
    • vpk: info [done]
  • 0.2 (August 15): Highlight: X.Org and wayland support
    • busybox as principal core components (init, shell, mdev) [done]
    • LibreSSL instead of OpenSSL [done]
    • vpk: search [done]
    • vpk: depends [done]
    • vpk: install with dependencies [done]
    • vpk: install verifies checksums [done]
    • vpk: support configuration file protection [done]
    • PAM support [done]
    • New filesystem hierarchy (see FHS) [done]
  • 0.3 (September 1): Highlight: XFCE and MATE desktops
    • vpk: upgrade
    • vpk: tag/untag
  • 0.4 (December 1): Highlight: vpod
    • vpod: bulk
    • vpod: test
    • vpod: shell
  • 0.5 (January 1, 2020): Highlight: Plasma and GNOME desktops
    • SELinux support (disabled by default)
    • vinitrd: create and list initramfs
  • 0.6 (February 1, 2020): Highlight: Public website available
    • File hierarchy is ready for public downloads
    • Documentation is complete
      • Manpages: vpk, vinitrd
      • Vanilla book
  • 0.7 (March 1, 2020): Highlight: full initramfs support
    • LVM2 support
    • RAID support
    • LUKS support
  • 1.0 (May 1, 2020): Highlight: First stable release



See READMEs in repositories. Upcoming documentation in the wiki.

About vanilla

On this wiki:


Many thanks for people who were involved from near and far to vanilla.

  • musl community: help when packages use GNU extensions
  • LLVM community: helped me bootstrapping, building the toolchain
  • LFS community (including French variant): helped me a lot in several aspects
  • Alpine Linux community: trying to fix broken packages with musl


  • Quentin Rameau for giving some feedback and hints
  • Stéphane Pequignot for its interest and contributions
  • Michaël Scherer for various help

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