Idea: LibreSSL

  • Impact: crypto enabled packages
  • Status: complete
  • Target version: 0.2


OpenSSL is a library used for cryptographic operations. It is also known for being old and hardly maintainable because of a various part of the code still there for platforms that are no longer used. With vulnerability heartbleed, the OpenBSD team decided to fork and create their own version of it, called LibreSSL


LibreSSL is a much cleaner alternative to OpenSSL. The OpenBSD team removed large part of the code that was no longer needed and added their own clean API on the top of it. Its adoption in Linux distributions is rather uncommon though.


LibreSSL only implements 1.0.2 API version from OpenSSL and may require additional patching for packages. However, Void Linux already use LibreSSL so the effort is not going that hard.

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