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08:30 PM vanilla Revision 828:2a99d51e3ad3 (vanilla): graphics/wayland: many fixes and rename DOXYGEN to DOCS option
David Demelier
08:22 PM vanilla Revision 827:89fe0fbb2e62 (vanilla): text/xmlto: initial import, closes #2108
David Demelier
08:20 PM vanilla Revision 826:1a533ac300c3 (vanilla): graphics/graphviz: fix dot with post install script
David Demelier
10:41 AM irccd Wiki edit: Wiki (#104)
David Demelier
10:39 AM irccd Removing BitBucket official mirror
After the sad decision that "Atlassian": did abou... David Demelier
09:34 AM vanilla Feature #2194 (New): package: libusb
David Demelier
09:30 AM vanilla Feature #2108 (Resolved): package: xmlto
Applied in changeset commit:vanilla|89fe0fbb2e62d2e2d661901816f8e7242ed1284c. David Demelier
09:30 AM vanilla Feature #1541 (Resolved): package: qtconnectivity
Applied in changeset commit:vanilla|be3a5b2d9a09384cddd83db0b9857314f0261970. David Demelier
09:30 AM vanilla Feature #1778 (Resolved): package: libtermkey
Applied in changeset commit:vanilla|8826bc27bb8811ef82f327f5d5475a7dc1dceff9. David Demelier
09:30 AM vanilla Feature #1777 (Resolved): package: luajit
Applied in changeset commit:vanilla|7343e3462a8d719b3733d7d4f7b72818142c7e5c. David Demelier

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