Official projects hosted and maintained here.


The following projects are listed mostly in ascending list of first initial date of birth.


Basic utilities.


The following libraries can be bundled directly into your project.

Status legend

The following status indicates the project versioning and roadmap.

Status Description
Stable Project reached a stable version
New Project is fairly new and subject to change but usable
Experimental Project is experimental and not suitable for use yet
Unversioned Project does not produce version and should be used as-is
Abandoned Project is no longer maintained

Note about stability

Some Linux distributions packagers tend to think that a software that isn’t having development commits in a long period means it is no longer maintained. This isn’t the case. A software does not need to be continually developed to be considered as maintained. For example, nsnake is a simple snake game that is considered complete and as such unless there are bugs to fix it does not need any maintenance. Please stop removing packages from Linux distributions just because there aren’t new releases every two weeks.

Note about abandoned projects

Abandoned projects are kept forever in the Mercurial repository list but no longer listed in the index page. They may still work for you and you can still contribute to them if you want to resurrect some, in that case it may be reconsidered.


All projects under the malikania umbrella that are not classified as unversioned are covered under the Semantic Versioning.


All projects and code written are licensed and released under the permissive ISC license. Few projects may incorporate third party components under a license that is compatible with ISC.

Non-free licenses such as GPL are not allowed.